Who We Are And What We Do

   The Rock Hill Council of Neighborhoods is committed to preserving and promoting the integrity of Rock Hill’s neighborhoods. We serve as an umbrella group whose members are the various recognized neighborhood organizations within the city of Rock Hill, SC.
The primary purposes of the Rock Hill Council of Neighborhoods are to promote communication and cooperation between organizations, foster a sense of community, and assist each other by providing a forum where member organizations can bring forward specific concerns for discussion and receive reliable information as well as support for legitimate causes.
We provide a connecting link between the neighborhoods and the elected and appointed officials and components of local government, whom we advise on issues of neighborhood concern.
The Rock Hill Council of Neighborhoods is a nonpartisan, nonprofit (501c3), nonsectarian organization. Member neighborhoods are eligible for rights including, but not limited to, voting at RHCN meetings and making use of RHCN personnel and resources.


Issues We Are Currently Considering

  • Neighborhood Parks – Adding verses maintaining existing parks.
  • Litter – How to prevent it (education) and how to reduce it (clean-ups).
  • Crime Prevention – Things we can do to reduce crime in our neighbor-hoods.
  • Property Upkeep – How do we keep our neighborhoods looking good?
  • Vicious Dog Ordinance – Do we need one and how can it be made fair for all?
  • Rental Property – How do we help renters in our neighborhoods understand that they are part of our neighborhoods and convince them to take an interest in property upkeep?
  • How do we encourage landlords to do the same?
  • Code Enforcement – Equal and effective enforcement of City code violations.
  • Developers – How do we maintain the aesthetic quality and charm of our existing neighborhoods while still encouraging development?
  • Traffic – How do we manage increasing traffic through and around our neighborhoods?
  • Schools – How can we partner with our school system?
  • Covenants – How can we help neighborhoods who have HOA covenants to maintain them?
  • Lawn Parking – How can we educate our neighbors regarding parking on their lawns?