RHCN Forms
Here you can find the forms needed to join the RHCN, the most current copy of the RHCN Bylaws, and others that may aid in organizing your neighborhood. All records are PDF files. If you need to download a free PDF reader please go here.

RHCN Forms

Application for Membership in the Rock Hill Council of Neighborhoods – 29K
The application used by a neigh-borhood to petition the RHCN for membership.

Neighborhood Empowerment Requirements – 11K
The minimum requirements to be considered a Recognized Neigh-borhood Organization by the City of Rock Hill. The RHCN also requires bylaws.

RHCN Bylaws – 37K
Bylaws governing the Rock Hill Council of Neighborhoods.

RHCN – Reasons for Joining – 22K
Some reasons for joining the Rock Hill Council of Neighborhoods.

RHCN Recertification Form – 72K
Used by RHCN to update neigh-borhood leadership contact infor-mation each year.

Other Useful Forms

Leadership Behavior – 86K
Some helpful suggestions that neigh-borhood leaders should keep in mind.

Sample By-Laws – 45K
A set of basic bylaws that can be used as is or as a starting point for your neighborhood organization.

Sample Newsletter #1 – 246K
A sample newsletter you can use for your neighborhood. Fairly elaborate design.

Sample Newsletter #2 – 219K
Another sample newsletter you can use for your neighborhood. Relatively simple design.

Sample Calls for Service (Police Dept.) – 38K
The Calls for Service form is used in conjunction with your local police or law enforcement department to list calls for police/EMS service in a particular area, such as a neighborhood. Not all cities offer this service so check with your local police dept. to find out if this is available in your area. In some cities there is a small fee for this information. Please be considerate and give the reporting agency ample time to prepare your data.