Arcade Mill

DSCF0759vArcade Mill As It Was - The View from One Resident's Back Door
   On November 5, 1996, the future of the Hagins-Fewell neighborhood was darkened when the Arcade Textile Mill was destroyed by fire. The surrounding neighborhood relied heavily on employment and other services from this mill. Representatives from the Hagins-Fewell neighborhood requested help in cleaning up the site and revitalizing their area. This effort did not meet with immediate success, due to the complexity of the situation that had developed over issues of responsibility relating to ownership of the mill site.
   On September 30, 2002, in order to move the stalled project forward, the Rock Hill Council of Neighborhoods acquired ownership of the mill property. This was done with the full cooperation and agreement of the Hagins-Fewell Neighborhood Association. RHCN had never saught to become involved in the real estate business, but no other option was available that would allow this project to move forward. The intention of cleaning up the eyesore left by the fire and removing the safety hazards that existed was and is our mission.
   We are currently working with the City of Rock Hill, Rock Hill Economic & Urban Development Corp., York County, SC DHEC, and the EPA as we now move forward to clean up and restore this area to whatever use is deemed applicable by the neighborhood and the City of Rock Hill. Grants have been secured for clean-up, EPA testing is almost complete, and we tentatively expect preliminary site cleanup to begin by the end of 2004.
   This project could not have come as far as it has without the help of many individuals and groups who have come together to make Rock Hill better one neighborhood at a time!